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About us

About Us

Our NGO Nirvana fully justify the meaning of its name as it works in the direction of providing respectful and delightful lives to each needy person and prefer the idea to provide some useful skill to poor. So that they can make a difference in their lives and sculpt the new society where each one is treated equally. Our Main and important area where a lot of awareness is required is CHILD LABOUR. For the betterment of society every child must have right for education but there are areas where we see childrens are being deprived from the basic education also, to earn the daily wage. Nirvana organize Camps for their education in which our volunteer work hard to shape their future. Nirvana "I" stand for Independence specially independence from ill treatment that women faces from society,their husbands. Our volunteer help and support these womens and stand with them so that they can feel secure and counsel them so that they can recover with the hidden mental emotional scars. We make them aware about their Legal rights against domestic violence through continuous sessions. Our NGO conduct visits to OLD AGE home in order to provide the love and care our old grandma and grandpa, more importantly to provide them the TIME they need the most from their children we arrange several games and interaction session so that we can bring back the lost smile on their faces.