• NGO Registration No. 24541/12
  • Women Awarness Program

    Around 48 women attended the programme and focused on social rights.
  • Knitting Center

    Organized the knitting camp for women of Laxmi Talkies slum area & encouraged tjem for lively hood.

Give Inspiration

We live in a society which provide us different challenges in various areas.But normally people have a Perception that is it Worth to make an effort? Because a single person wont be able to change anything. protection, development and participation.

Our Mission

The Mission of Nirvana is to overcome poverty social injustices and ensure a life of dignity and security for all stage of populations and build a better society and to inspire breakthrough in the way the society treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Our Vision

To work toward creating a better India which provide basic health and education to every children and empowerment to every women. Or Build a New India in which every citizen attains the right to survival,protection, development and participation.
We are Charity, Our Mission to protect people & the planet, Our activities  are taken around the world


Our NGO Nirvana fully justify the meaning of its name as it works in the direction of providing respectful and delightful lives to each needy person and prefer the idea to provide some useful skill to poor. So that they can make a difference in their lives and sculpt the new society where each one is treated equally. Our Main and important area where a lot of awareness i

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